VISA debit cards being cancelled

The bank converted to MasterCard EMV-chip enabled cards this spring. Most of you have already activated and are using your MasterCard debit card. Many of you we have been unable to contact by email, phone or mail. If you have NOT YET ACTIVATED your MasterCard, please do so now.

We are deactivating all VISA debit cards. Some have already been cancelled and all will be inactive by June 27.

Your new card should have arrived by mail in a plain white mailer between January and mid-April. Your existing VISA PIN will activate and work with the new MasterCard.

If your debit card has not yet arrived or has been otherwise lost, please contact the bank as soon as possible so we can assist you with your purchase, cancel the lost card and get a new one ordered for you.

  • 903-784-0881 Paris
  • 903-427-3858 Clarksville
  • 903-577-1118 Mt Pleasant

Also, please take time to make sure the bank has your most current contact information.

After you activate your new card, please don't forget to provide your new card information to any companies who are automatically debiting your card for any subscription or ongoing charges to prevent a lapse in payments.

Your new MasterCard has been designed to increase the security of your transactions through the EMV chip-based security system. Later this year, this change will allow you to freeze and unfreeze your card through our mobile banking app, as well as providing access to other useful debit card controls and alert options for you.

Please call your banking center if you have any questions or need assistance.