In the Community

Shred Day May 30 @ the Loop a huge successShred Day 2015: Thanks to everyone who participated on May 30th! This free service is offered annually to the entire community. We shredded financial and private documents for recycling, and also took in plastic bags, cardboard, and empty cans to recycle.

This was our largest event so far. First Federal Community Bank recycled 19,325 lbs of paper in just a few hours that day. Based upon EPA calculations and other recycling data, we believe Shred Day 2015 conserved the following:

  • 164 mature trees
  • 67,637 gallons of water
  • 39,616 KWH of electricity
  • 812 gallons of oil
  • 29 cubic yards of landfill space
  • 580 pounds of air pollution

While First Federal Community Bank is proud of its internal recycling program, anything you could do to help us all be better stewards of our planet would be greatly appreciated. One quick and easy way to have a significant impact would be signing up to use electronic statements instead of printed copies. The digital versions are usually available to you faster and are much easier to file and maintain in your computer where you can back them up. We also have you backed up, if you need a printed copy of your statement, we can get it for you.

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