Featured Customer

First Federal brings our dreams to life

First Federal Community Bank is the only bank that Ronnie Ballard has ever known. Starting a new business is exciting as well as scary. When it was time for Ronnie and his wife Vicki to make the plunge and open their insurance agency 18 years ago, they went to First Federal. They met with Roxanne and shared their plan for the new business endeavor. “Roxanne was the banker that believed in us”, says Vicki. Over the years their business has flourished and so has their relationship with First Federal.

As the years progressed the Ballard’s decided to start investing in properties. Some properties were total demos, and others just needed the right amount of TLC. Ronnie and Vicki are accustomed to breathing new life into any project or challenge they tackle. Roxanne and First Federal have provided guidance and support every step of the way, and she has become a trusted friend and advisor. Ronnie and Vicki consider First Federal more like their family than a bank.

In honor of Ronnie and Vicki’s late son please visit dylansdrivers.org.

First Federal Community Bank is the only bank you’ll ever need—to bring your dreams to life!