Antivirus Protection

If you are using the Internet, you must use Antivirus software. We recommend you choose a recognized brand that provides you at least daily updates of virus definitions, if not multiple releases per day. We also ask that you verify that your definitions are updating daily.

Computers accessing the Internet without antivirus protections almost always become infected, often within minutes of being connected to the Internet, and quickly fall under the control of malicious pranksters and/or professional criminals. Because of the overlapping layers of security we apply to your data and our website, your computer or other internet device is the weakest link in your online security chain, and the people who are developing ways to defraud you, have targeted online devices as their primary point of attack.

There are many vendors of antivirus products, many of which also stop a wide variety of other dangerous types of software being spread online, but none of them can stop every threat. This is just one critical layer of security that you must have if you plan to do banking or any other business transactions online.