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Throughout its history, First Federal has believed that loaning money in the communities it serves is the highest and best use of its resources. First Federal has grown and contributed to the local economies throughout its almost 100-year history, and has strived to be a good public servant.

Stable, consistent management has been an attribute of the Association that has contributed to the long-term success of the operation. Only six men have served as President in the almost 100-year history.

Another factor in the continued success of First Federal has been the loyalty of the employees. When the members do business with First Federal, they are often dealing with a trusted friend whom they have dealt with for many years. First Federal has a reputation for taking care of its people and as a result, most of the employees are career employees. It is very common for employees to retire from First Federal with as many as 30 years of dedicated service. First Federal encourages all of its employees to be actively involved in community affairs, and they currently hold memberships in many different civic clubs and organizations.

Our mission statement:

First Federal Community Bank will serve Northeast Texas as a Community Bank providing the highest level of banking services in a way that enriches the lives of the people in the area and improves the quality of life for all!

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