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Send money quickly and safely.

These instructions are only for bank-to-bank WIRE TRANSFERS, do not use them for ACH, Direct Deposit or other electronic transfers.  Those transactions will not work using this information. 

When wiring money into your First Federal account directly from another bank, please use the following information:

For domestic transfers:

First Federal Community Bank
ABA/Routing #311972704
Beneficiary:  Customer Name
Beneficiary Account Number: Customer account number

For international transfers:

TIB Dallas
ABA #111010170
Swift Code: TIBBUS44
Beneficiary Financial Institution: First Federal Community Bank
Account #311972704
Beneficiary:  Customer Name
Beneficiary Account Number:  Customer account number

When you need the funds to move today, our Wire Transfer Service allows you to move money quickly and securely to any bank account in the United States and most international countries. Please contact us or come by your nearest banking center for more information.

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