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Keep Your Debit Card Working!

To protect you from card fraud First Federal Community Bank is adding a new fraud protection feature soon to automatically contact you in real-time 24/7 about suspicious debit card transactions. If we cannot reach you immediately, your card may be disabled until you reply to a text or email.

Keeping your contact information updated with the bank is critical!

Here is what we need from you:

• Update or confirm your contact information through your online banking portal or visit your banking center.  Choose My Services then Profile to add or confirm your email address and cell number, and make sure to check the box to allow SMS.

• You can reactivate your card by following the instructions in the text or email.

We encourage all cardholders to enroll online, or at least to make sure the bank has their cell phone number and email address so they can be contacted. The system will only contact that card holder about that card’s activity, not the spouse or other account owners.

Click here for the form you'll need to complete to update your contact info.

Why use a debit card?

Faster than writing a check.
Easier than carrying a lot of cash.

At First Federal, we have a variety of debit card options for you—from our School Spirit Card Program, to stylish photo options, to a simple First Federal logo card that says you like things uncluttered and neat! 

Use your card just like a credit card to conduct PIN-less transactions. The amount of each purchase is deducted directly from your checking account so there are no interest charges. It's not a credit card, even though it is accepted as one.  Plus - it's your ATM card, functional at any ATM.

Support your favorite school, or flash your favorite vacation spot!  It's easy, with a personalized debit card from First Federal.  Browse through our options, and when you're ready to select your card, visit your nearest location and we'll get you set up!

Spirit Cards: Support Your Favorite School

Some of our most popular debit cards are part of our school-branded Spirit Card Program that supports local school districts. The school spirit cards generate money for your school district every time you use them as a credit card in a PIN-less transaction*. Funds are disbursed to participating schools annually in September. Since its inception in 2009 this program has exceeded $171,000 in total contributions to these area schools. See the cool designs below:

* To use a PIN-less transaction, select "credit" instead of "debit" when making your purchase. The transaction still functions as a debit (deduction) from your checking account, but you will sign for the transaction instead of entering your PIN. 

Personalized Debit Cards

First Federal also offers personalized debit cards so you can show off your style! From shiplap to glitz, we've got you covered. Below is a sample of the cards we offer:

picture of credit cards

To report a lost or stolen debit card call 903-784-0881, or after regular hours call toll free 888-263-3370.

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