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Whatever the reason you save for your business—future growth, business cycles, or a rainy day—we’ve got you covered with valuable business savings options at First Federal.

Business Savings and Investments

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What kind of account would you like?
Minimum to open
Minimum daily balance required to earn interest —see us for current rates
Withdrawal limitations
Balance requirements and other fees
Business Money Market
Regular Savings

Rewarding rates— plus convenient access to your funds

Start your savings plan today—for yourself, your children or your grandchildren

Earn top rates with the security that your funds are protected




Under $2,500: NOW rate $2,500+: Money Market rate with rate tiers for higher minimum balances: 

• $10,000

• $25,000

• $100,000 

• $250,000 

• $500,000


Interest can be paid by reinvestment or auto deposit to your bank checking, savings or money market account

Six (6) free withdrawals per statement cycle, which may be done by transfer to a 3rd party by preauthorized, automatic, telephone or computer

Three (3) free withdrawals per month; $1.00 per withdrawal after 3

A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal

No monthly fee if average monthly balance is more than $1,000

No balance fee if daily balance is more than $100

• Terms from 91 days to 5 years

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